Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next big project...

Ok, so the craft room has hit a "creative" road block. No, the boxes aren't limiting my access to the room; that would be much easier to fix. I have most of everything unpacked and things are starting to come together. The bookshelf is put together, I'm in the process of making a desk, and most boxes are broken down. The biggest issue I now face is the vast amount of paper that is floating around. I mean magazines, inspiration pages, cards and so much more. Its out of control. I know most of you can relate to paper clutter. Even if you're not a crafter you have it. I plan on tackling this in various ways (which I will share later, I know...again with the teasing).

Here is my creative issue:
I want to create a HUGE bulletin board. All of the things that inspire me need to be seen not laying on the floor in a pile. I have thought about this for a while and then I stumbled upon this image...

Photo via Pinterest via Oh Happy Day


Here is where you come in, I need help figuring out how to do it.
I want what is in that picture except, not really... :) Theirs is made of multiple boards that are put together. I want one big, cohesive cork board with a cool frame.

Here are my ideas so far:
  • Frame made of molding from Habitat ReStore
  • Cork squares pieced together
  • Maybe a big roll of cork (if there is such a thing)

Now what I need help with...
  • Have any of you made something similar? If so, please share!
  • What should I use to back it? so far I have thought of foam core board or maybe thick cardboard
  • Do you have any other suggestions? I am open to all input

If you are a normal reader but do not leave comments, please let today be the one time when you add some helpful insight! Thank you in advance.


  1. Do you own or rent the house? If you own or are allowed to modify it, You could glue the cork directly to the wall. Otherwise it sounds like you have to build a frame that can hold the weight and be removable. what size is this going to be?
    It appears that size is only limited by the space money you have.

    It looks like there are a lot of commercial solutions.

  2. I wouldn't attach anything directly to the wall; it forces you to work around it at later creative times. I have worked with cork squares and like them. They do need to attach to something. I used an old chalkboard frame (about 5' x 7') and glued them to the chalk board itself. This gave me use of the chalk tray as well as the cork. HOWEVER: the cork must be reasonably thick for that to work. otherwise the idea of a foam backing (maybe layer: hard board, foam, cork) might work to add depth enough for pins and such.