Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites: Magazines

If you were to ask my husband "what is the one thing that you wish we had less of?" His answer, hands down, would be my (slightly too large...) magazine collection. I blame it all on my father. He collected comics my whole life and his collection was HUGE! I love that each issue provides new projects, photos, and changes in our culture.

Here are the ones that are currently adorning my nightstand.

Country Living (US and British Editions)- I first fell in love with the British edition, its much more country and has BEAUTIFUL illustrations, but alas subscriptions are very expensive.

MaryJanesFarm- Wonderful Organic cooking, projects and much more. This magazine spurs on my dreams of being a true farm girl.

Somerset Life- Purely inspirational!

Where Women Create- I can only dream of having the beautiful studios that this magazine features.

Where Women Cook- Yummy photos and the coolest "dream" kitchens!

What are your Favorite Magazines?

Happy Friday!

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