Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Started, Part 2

This is the second installment in the series Creative Chaos. If you missed the other posts they can be found here.

We covered the first two steps of the four that are found in Jeff Bredenberg's Book, How to Cheat at Organizing. Today I will cover the last two, Sort and Store.

These may be the toughest two steps. This process is kind of like losing weight. People usually think they can lose it with either working out or dieting, but you need both to be successful. If you just Strip and Scrap your place and think your done, guess again. Sorting and Storing are equally, if not more important.

Here is a quick review of the first two,

Strip, down to the essentials.
Scrap, what you don't need.

Now for the challenging part,

Sort- The things that you decide to keep should then be separated out into like categories.

For my craft room this will consist of things like all paints, paper, fabric, etc. There are a couple different ways to sort stuff out, especially in hobby rooms.

You can sort by,
Like Items (all "Mediums" in the same spot, ie. pens, paints, crayons,etc.)
Individual Hobbies (all Painting stuff together, ie. brushes, canvas, and paints)

We will go into greater detail about what system works best for different people but in the mean time it's a place to start.

Store- This is my favorite part! and probably the part that we all struggle with the most . Our things need homes. If they don't have them then guess what, everything will go back to the way it has always been. And no one wants that now do they?!

I love to hunt for little containers that are stylish but also serve a great purpose. I can't wait to share my favorite reuses with you, but I will leave you in suspense for now. Yes I am that mean.

Here is one pearl of wisdom to start you off though: contain everything, even the bigger things.

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Becca I swear I can hear you saying all of this... when I read through these, it is like you are sitting right next to me instructing me and laughing along. You are such a delight!