Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creative Chaos: let the project begin

Over the past month My husband and I made the first big move since we have been married. After one U-Haul, 4 or 5 full car trips, one emergency ("we have more stuff than can fit in the car") trip, and traveling 200+ miles every weekend for a month we are finally in one place.

The hardest part of moving has been all of my craft stuff; unpacking every other room seems petty in comparison. Once we were all moved in I stood staring at this...

(I was unable to capture a picture that could contain all of the stuff that is crammed into this tiny little room right now. If I had a panoramic camera that might begin to cover it...)

I could only think about one thing, how scared I was to go through and organize my own stuff when I had been doing the exact same thing for other people for years. This series will be all about organizing. It will include posts about small spaces, the needs of a creative space and much more.

I can't promise how often there will be posts, as I will most likely be hiding under my bed in terror of opening another box. Any words of encouragement and motivation are gladly appreciated.


  1. For making panoramas I suggest a program called Autostich, or if you have a Canon pocket camera, there is a program that comes with it that does ok.

    Good luck organizing. :)
    If you can't find a clever or aesthetically pleasing system, you can go with the just-get-it-done system:

    1. Get any kind of shelves from Craigslist or dumpsters around town.
    2. put your boxes on the shelves, you probably already have the boxes labeled, but if you don't, tell yourself you will get to it later.
    3. Find a heavy wire and some eye screws.
    String a bed sheet on the wire and use this to hide the shelves.

    I've seen this system in action, so I know it works!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas Grady!