Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tis the season to start wrapping....

It's getting close to the holidays now. I find it helpful to start wrapping presents as I collect them so that there is less to do as Christmas draws near. At work last spring I brainstormed ideas with one of the women I work for on how to organize gift wrapping supplies. This is what we came up with and created.

Out of 1x2's, cup hooks, and dowel roads we made a rack for wrapping paper

To sort flat fold paper and gift bags I used wall mount magazine/file folder holders. They come in a set of three from the office supply store. The ones we used stacked atop each other but they can be used separately like seen here.

We found a drying rack at the Container Store and used it for tissue paper.

And lastly, Ribbon. We used kitchen towel racks from the Container Store and lined them up on the wall.

Now, the only thing that would be better than that much wrapping paper and ribbon would be having the space to create this set up. Not everyone has the room but even some of these elements will make your wrapping season easier. Happy wrapping!


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  1. Love your brilliant ideas! I am now a devoted follower of your blog... Celia S.